Rare Releases Free Kinect Sports DLC

by Jeff Cork on Dec 14, 2010 at 06:30 AM

If you’re still sore from flailing around in Kinect Sports, this isn’t the time to give your muscles a break. Rare has announced a free DLC pack for the game, which adds six new minigames to the sports compilation.

The free DLC, released in conjunction through a partnership with Samsung, dishes out new competitions in each of the six sports represented in the game. In addition, players will have access to three new in-game mascots and 10 new achievements worth a total of 250 points. Here’s what Rare has to say about each of the new events:

  • Boxing brings on fast-paced multiple-opponent knockdown fun in King of the Ring. Move from one fallen foe to the next in quick succession!
  • Track & Field tests your stamina and timing in the stop-start Rapid Runner endurance race. Pace yourself to reach checkpoints for a time bonus.
  • Football/Soccer sets you up for a wave of Style Shots, vying to become the Super Striker. Score as many as you can. Is somebody throwing boots?
  • Table Tennis presents a major high score challenge in the numbered tiles of Target Smash. Breaking through to higher point values is the key!
  • Beach Volleyball sees balls replaced by the likes of melons and pineapples for Fruit Splatter. Get splattering and avoid the game-ending bomb.
  • Finally, Bowling tasks you with stopping the conveyor belt advance of the Pinvaders. Use two hands and don't let them reach the hazard zone!

Rare adds that the DLC was in development before the team knew they’d be able to give it away for free, so they want to assure players that it’s actually quite good. What are you waiting for? Download it now and see for yourself.