Something Is Awesome In The State Of Denmark: Hamlet For iPhone

by Matt Helgeson on Dec 13, 2010 at 12:25 PM

William Shakespeare has conquered the stage and screen, but hasn't made much of a splash in gaming yet. However, Alawar Entertainment is bringing its popular Hamlet: Or The Last Game Without MMORPG Features, Shaders And Product Placement adventure game (already out on PC) to iPhone soon, allowing you to keep the Bard in your pocket at all times.

The game, which is comedic point-and-click adventure title, details the exploits of a scientist who travels back in time and encounters the characters of Shakespeare's famous play. On his quest to free Ophelia from the malevolent Claudius, he has to defeat a few hilarious bosses and a host of tricky logic puzzles.

While we don't have a firm release date, the game should be out before the end of January 2011.

Hamlet for iPhone site

Source: Joystiq