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Weekend Warrior 12/10/10

by Annette Gonzalez on Dec 10, 2010 at 01:00 PM

This weekend Minneapolis will once again get hit by an epic snowstorm. How are we braving these adverse weather conditions? Find out below then let us know what you're playing in the comments section!

Bertz: I was out of town all week so I'm ready to strap myself to the couch for a serious Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood session. I'll also try to work in a few rounds of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack 7 in anticipation of the December 21 release of the Vietnam expansion. The man in the black pajamas is a worthy ***' adversary, so I can't go into the war with a rusty trigger finger.

Kato: I've started up another game of Heavy Rain, and within the first five minutes I was already doing things differently than I had my first time through! Apart from playing more of that, I'm definitely going to hit up Amnesia and AC: Brotherhood. Finally, if I've got some free time, I'm also going to check out Marvel Pinball. I've played the Spider-Man board, which is cool, and I've heard the other tables are just as good...

Bryan: I'm about halfway through Call of Duty: Black Ops' campaign and hope to finish it off over the weekend. Also looking to take care of the DLC in Assassin's Creed II if I've got time.

Jeff C: Tim and I are going to play through Vanquish this evening, which should be a great way to start the weekend. After that, I really, really need to buckle down and beat Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I’ll probably throw in some Pinball FX 2 in there as well, since I just added the Marvel tables to my download queue. Fun!

Annette: Going to see Minneapolis' finest, Doomtree, tonight at First Ave. The rest of the weekend I plan to stay locked up in my apartment to continue the great progress I've made on my backlog. I started the Black Ops single-player campaign earlier this week so I plan to wrap it up and make my way into multi. I also plan on continuing my trek through the Mass Effect universe. Games!

Dan: Healing my stupid mouth after tongue surgery. Plenty of pudding, broth, ice cream, and Need For Speed in my future.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I hope to play more of Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC. I forgot how much I loved that world. Undead Nightmare is my Cataclysm. I also plan on spending some quality time with my iPhone. Puzzle Agent is the perfect game for a frozen Minnesotan weekend and Infinity Blade is the prettiest thing since Audrey Heburn.

Jeff M: This weekend I will finish playing Uncharted 2. I played the first one during thanksgiving break (along with finishing off Assassin's Creed 2 and Mass Effect 2), and I've been pleasantly surprised by how greatly improved the gameplay is. The rest of my time will be split between Darksiders and Marvel Pinball -- just when I was weaning myself off of Pinball FX 2, they pull me back in!

Sean: I am chomping at the bit (people say that, right?) to get some good time in with Mass Effect. Still no clue why I stopped playing this game years ago. I'll also get the Marvel tables for Pinball FX 2 so I can continue feeling inadequate when I see the rest of GI's scores. Kids + Kinectimals also will happen.

That's it for us! What are you playing this weekend?