Mass Effect 2 Gets PS3 Launch Date

by Tim Turi on Dec 10, 2010 at 06:45 AM

Are you a PlayStation 3 owner interested in experiencing Commander Shepard’s second mission? Congratulations: You finally have a date to look forward to.

Mass Effect 2 hits PlayStation 3 on January 18, 2011. Because Sony enthusiasts won’t be able to play the first Mass Effect, EA and BioWare are releasing an interactive comic summarizing the events of the first game. Since it’s interactive, you can make the galaxy-defining choices that affect Mass Effect 2. Sweet!

You’ll also snag all the DLC for Mass Effect 2 released so far: Blood Dragon Armor, Kasumi, Project Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker, and Stolen Memory. Oh yeah, the Cerberus Network stuff is there, too.

via IGN