Super Meat Boy Box Art Equal Parts Brilliant & Disturbing

by Tim Turi on Dec 07, 2010 at 05:30 AM

Team Meat will be selling a boxed PC version of their hard-as-nails platformer, Super Meat Boy. Of course, every box needs some fancy art to faithfully show off the game's action. The result for Super Meat Boy is an image which will have you simultaneously fist-pumping the air and holding back your lunch.

Artist Dave Rapoza is responsible for the cover illustration. He previously created a super-realistic portrait of a solo Meat Boy, which Team Meat appreciated, and kept the artist in mind for the cover art. Check out that original art and read more about it all at Team Meat's website.

You know, it was only after the whole PETA thing that I learned Meat Boy was a skinless boy. Now his relationship with bandage girl - a girl made of bandages - makes all the more sense. Look closely at her in the image below. So... many... band-aids. Eww.

(Source: joystiq)