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And The World's First Level 85 Character In World Of Warcraft Is...

by Phil Kollar on Dec 07, 2010 at 07:20 AM

Meet Forscience, a Paladin played by infamous professional gamer Athene. Mere hours after the World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm went live in Europe, this was the first character to reach the new level cap of 85.

With help from his guild, Athene was able to hit level 85 in an astounding six hours of play time. It's worth noting that Athene is based out of Europe, where Cataclysm was live approximately nine hours before it became available in North America, so he didn't have any competition from our continent.

Then again, maybe he wouldn't have had much competition either way. Both Andy and Adam have taken off the rest of the week to enjoy Cataclysm, so I decided to check in on their progress. Andy says he's still about an hour from level 84 after having played 12 hours, and Adam has played 7 and is just about to hit 82. Way to make us look bad, jerks. Maybe I should be the one at home playing Cataclysm....

You can hear Athene and his guild members discussing the accomplishment and celebrating in the YouTube video below, but watch out for the swear words.


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