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PETA Attacks Super Meat Boy In Parody Game

by Jeff Cork on Dec 01, 2010 at 08:47 AM

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Those zany guys at PETA are at it again. Following in the footsteps of other hilarious parodies such as Super Chick Sisters and Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals comes a skewering of the indie platformer Super Meat Boy. The animal-rights group's take on the game, Super Tofu Boy, replaces the fleshy hero with a gelatinous blob of the congealed soy product.

It seems the hero of the actual game has been ditched by Bandage Girl in favor of Tofu Boy, who has better breath and doesn't attract flies when he goes outside.

Between levels of clunky jumping, players are treated with factoids such as "Cows are clever and have been known to go to amazing lengths to escape from slaughterhouses" and "Tofu doesn't scream when you cut it!" Obviously, the game part is less important than the fact that people are likely to play it for a minute or so, maybe laugh a little bit, and then talk about PETA's mission--to educate people about animal cruelty in factory farms, the fashion industry, laboratories, and the entertainment industry.

Oh, phooey.