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Is A Final Fantasy Boss Fight In Mario Sports Mix?

by Andrew Reiner on Nov 28, 2010 at 08:06 AM

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Toad is teaming up with a moogle to battle a Final Fantasy boss with what would appear to be a volleyball of some sort.

I'm actually okay with this. Yes, it is a strange amalgamation of universes, and yes, Toad wouldn't last more than two seconds against this beast, but ask yourself this: Is this any stranger than Mario being in NBA Street? Or Jimmy Smits having a significant role in Star Wars?

Other Final Fantasy characters like the Black Mage and Cactuar are featured in the game, and you'll even see a few Dragon Quest characters running around. As to what extent these characters are involved, or how many boss fights both of these games offer remains to be seen. The videos come courtesy of the excellent people at The Bit Block.


[via Joystiq]