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Puzzle Game Ilomilo Is Secretly Available On Xbox Live

by Andrew Reiner on Nov 27, 2010 at 11:37 AM

Southend Interactive's amazing puzzle game ilomilo is secretly available on Xbox Live! Don't tell anyone though, we wouldn't want gamers learning that a great new game is available for download. And don't bother looking for it on Xbox Live's marketplace. It isn't there. To access this game, you'll have to visit this secret web page to get a redeemable Xbox Live code. This code unlocks the trial version, but like all Xbox Live titles, you have the ability to buy the full version if you choose to (for 800 MS points or $10).

When is the last time you heard of a game getting a secret release? As cool as I think this is, not letting gamers know that a game is available seems like an odd business decision. Southend's next employee meeting will likely go something like this:  "It would appear that our decision to hide the game from the public has resulted in craptacular sales. These numbers are even worse than that Rocky and Bullwinkle game. You're all fired. And...before you go. We should point out that we've hidden your last paycheck somewhere in the office. Good luck finding it."

Last I heard, ilomilo wasn't scheduled for official release until January. Getting it a full month early is a nice surprise. I wonder what other games are secretly available?

And don't bother using the code in the screenshot above, an incredibly talented gamer already punched it into his Xbox 360.