Super Meat Boy Gets A Case Of (Head)Crabs

by Jeff Marchiafava on Nov 16, 2010 at 10:00 AM

We already knew that one of the unlockable characters in the PC version of Super Meat Boy will be Mr. Minecraft, but today Team Meat revealed another addition to the roster: Half-Life's infamous face-humping headcrab. Read on to find out what his special ability is, as well as how to acquire him.

The headcrab will be available exclusively to players who buy Super Meat Boy on Steam, and will replace Gish as the first character to be unlocked by collecting bandages. Team Meat says that the headcrab will be able to stick to walls, similar to Gish, but will have greater horizontal jumping power. SMB will be available on Steam on November 30 for $15, but if you pre-order the game (starting on November 23), you can nab the game for $10.

If you buy the non-Steam version of SMB, the headcrab will be replaced by a different exclusive character, one of the goo balls from World of Goo. Team Meat states that Goo Ball is virtually identical to Gish, except "obviously cuter." After looking at the picture below, they'll get no argument from me.

[Via Team Meat]