Madden Gets First Down With Nintendo 3DS

by Matthew Kato on Nov 10, 2010 at 09:17 AM

EA Sports is bringing the Madden football franchise to the Nintendo 3DS, and the game will be the first EA Sports title on the platform. The company has announced Madden NFL Football for the system in the first half of next year.

Naturally, the game will be different than your usual console offering and it'll feature full 11-on-11 play, scaled-down 5-on-5 action, a Season mode, and the streamlined GameFlow playcalling option. Madden NFL will also use the system's 3D capabilities with special 3D presentation cameras and the Spotlight Moments and Call Your Shots modes. The latter lets you draw your own plays on the screen with your stylus.

Although it's not yet known exactly when the Nintendo 3DS will come out in America, EA Sports' commitment to the first half of next year not only indicates when the system will come out, but probably shows that EA is ready to go right out of the gate and isn't afraid to make that statement here and now. So, although not stated specifically in the press release, we expect Madden NFL to be a launch title for the handheld.