Braid Box Art Arrives From Russia, Misses Point

by Tim Turi on Nov 10, 2010 at 04:23 AM

I’m all about every corner of the world being exposed to Jonathon’s Blow’s puzzle platforming masterpiece, Braid. However, I’ve got to say that this Russian box art is hilariously wrong. I’m not sure if it’s Tim’s subtle happiness or the critters that surround him and their whimsical nature that unsettles me.

MumboJumbo and Russobit-M/GFI are responsible for publishing the game in Russia.

The box art gets all the components of the game right - killer rabbits, weird enemies, time manipulation, keys, and Tim’s parochial school getup. The way they’re blended together makes the game look like it belongs on a budget PC software shelf next to Bejeweled rather than every top 10 DLG list.


Source: Kotaku