Killzone 3 Improves Upon Killzone 2's Input-Lag

by Tim Turi on Nov 07, 2010 at 08:46 AM

When you pull the trigger on a gun you expect it to fire immediately. While this isn't an issue with most video games, sometimes there is a noticeable lag between the button press and onscreen response. Killzone 2 fans noticed some a lack of immediate responsiveness in the game, and developer Guerrilla Games promised to fix the problem in Killzone 3. Some very diligent mad scientist gamers have put the devs' claim to the test, and it's been significantly improved.

By using a Ben Heck PS3 latency controller monitor board, Digital Foundry has deduced that the input lag is down from 150ms to 116ms. That improvement may seem small, but it makes a big difference in the world of twitch-based FPSs. The report also confirms that the responsiveness of the analog stick controls has improved, fixing the dead zone problems gamers complained about with Killzone 2.

This definitely good news for Killzone and shooter fans alike. I personally enjoyed Killzone 2's unique feel to its controls, but I'm always interested in changing things up.

Did any of you notice the issues in Killzone 2?