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Silent Hill 3 Protagonist Gets A Chibi/Paper Makeover

by Tim Turi on Nov 06, 2010 at 08:05 AM

One Silent Hill protagonist stands out from the series' broken man standard, and that's Heather Mason. She's definitely the cutest out of the Silent Hill crew, but she just got even cuter. And... papery-er.

This amazing piece of papercraft art captures the innocent, big-eyed girl hiding beneath Heather's miniskirt and fashionable vest. It's the perfect reflection of how paper thin the human psyche is, and makes me wonder how she ever survived Silent Hill 3. Enough analysis, let's just take a good look at this thing.

Hats off to creator ton_pst. If you want to download the patterns necessary to reproduce this awesome piece, head over to papercraft.blogspot.