Sony Executives Talk About PSP2?

by Matthew Kato on Nov 01, 2010 at 04:00 AM

In a conference call to discuss Sony's Q1 earnings, a couple of executives openly talked about how the company plans to bridge the smartphone/gaming divide with a new, unannounced product. Of course, everyone in the world believes they are referring to the next PlayStation Portable.

Engadget (with their early mockup of the PSP2 above) has the transcript of a conference call with executive vice president and CFO Masaru Kato and senior general manager of investor relations division Gen Tsuchikawa, who were asked about the PSP2. However, because of the translator it's unclear which executive was speaking. Regardless, the company is obviously not denying the rumors of a combined smartphone/handheld gaming device.

After talking about smartphones and gaming, as well as its Sony Ericsson wing and Sony Computer Entertainment division (and how the latter has moved into the Sony City headquarters), one of the executives said, "I think we can better incorporate all of these capabilities better...so when the timing is right we can probably announced [to] you about the new product that we have."

They also talked about the possibility of a new Sony tablet to rival Apple's iPad. "Tablets...fall somewhere in between, and it is true Apple has led the market, but when we are to enter the market, we would like to put a Sony character onto...a new product, and that is the effort we are making now. Therefore, I think you can hope for a very good product to come out."

Japanese executives and developers are known to talk in lofty generalities, and translators can get fog things up, but it seems clear that Sony has something up its sleeve to cover the smartphone and dedicated handheld gaming bases.