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Grand Theft Childhood Author Weighs In On Supreme Court Case

by Matt Miller on Oct 29, 2010 at 01:30 PM

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Professor Cheryl K. Olson has some astute observations on how California's law may backfire if it survives the November 2nd Supreme Court case.

Industry Gamers has a fascinating article up in which Cheryl K. Olson, author of 2008's Grand Theft Childhood, speaks about the potential problems presented by the California law that will make it illegal to sell certain violent video games to minors.

In her comments, she examines the case itself and what California hopes for, assumptions (some of which are false) that are inherent to California's appeal, and how the law could potentially backfire for California if it becomes law, among several other topics.

More details on what she had to say can be found at the original article. If you're interested in this case, and if you're into games you should be, her thoughts on the subject are definitely worth a read.