PSP2 Coming Next Fall With Dual Analog Sticks And Touch Tech?

by Tim Turi on Oct 25, 2010 at 06:57 AM

The scuttlebutt going around is that Sony will be releasing the second PlayStation Portable next fall. The device is said to incorporate a bigger screen, twin analog sticks, and a touch pad.

According to Kotaku’s multiple sources, Sony held a meeting around the time of this year’s Tokyo Game Show to show the new device off.  These sources claim the previously mentioned technology is on the way, but say Sony is leaving the utilization of the touch pad up to developers’ imaginations.

Other alleged factoids from the sources:

  • The new HD screen will be one inch larger.
  • Sony is working on balancing battery, power, and heat
  • Overheating issues are being troubleshot
  • Chip set and processor size are still being decided
  • The current tech model is temporary

Sony has not yet commented on the rumors. Stay tuned for more about this exciting new device.