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Update: New Vegas PC And 360 Updates Pushed Overnight, PS3 Coming Soon

by Jeff Cork on Oct 23, 2010 at 01:30 PM

2nd Update: According to Bethesda's blog, a new game update went up on Xbox 360 overnight resolving quest and scripting problems, similar to the one released for PC earlier this week (see below). An even newer update is also live on Steam as well for PC versions resolving issues with game saves.

Senior producer Jason Bergman explains: “We are also pleased to say that we have just released a second fix for PC users to address the autosave and quicksave issues that some people were encountering. That particular issue was never seen prior to release and it was extremely difficult to reproduce reliably, even after the game had launched. In order to fix this problem we have had to disable Steam Cloud functionality. It has been turned off, and we won’t turn it back on until we’re absolutely sure it will not cause any more problems. Please restart your Steam client to make sure you get the update.”

The blog also states that the PS3 patch has gone live in Europe, and they are still waiting on word for other territories.


Update: Earlier today Bethesda released a statement regarding bug fixes for Fallout: New Vegas and promised a formal announcement was on the way. We've heard back from Bethesda and word on the street is the first New Vegas patches are now live.

According to Bethesda: "We have just released an automatic update for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas that resolves quest and scripting issues. We're working hard to make this update available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game as soon as possible and will let you know as soon as we have the dates they’ll be up." The spokesperson also says "The issue regarding the PlayStation 3 digital preorder bonuses has also been resolved. Users should attempt to re-enter the codes to download their bonuses. Should the "80023156" error continue, we ask that players wait 24 hours before entering the code again. The code should then activate the bonus without any issue."

We'll let you know once we hear more on the PS3 and 360 updates once that information becomes available.

Original story: Fallout: New Vegas is a lot of fun, but players have been running into a startling number of bugs, glitches, and crashes. Characters have been seen falling through the ground, enemies have disappeared, and the game has simply stopped working for some unlucky players.

Reiner mentioned some of the issues he encountered in his review:

The bleak surroundings are made worse by the fact that New Vegas lacks polish. Mid-battle a foe may suddenly plummet through the game world or get stuck on a rock, making for an easy kill. The pathing for AI characters wandering the wastes often takes them into the side of buildings or parked vehicles. When enemies die, some of them will float a good five feet in the air. I even ran into a reoccurring bug where my gun wouldn’t stop firing after a loading sequence. To top it off, I broke the last boss by hiding on a rock. He just stood there as I unloaded 300 bullets into him.

According to Bethesda, help is on the way. "We are currently working on releasing patches/updates as quickly as possible for Fallout: New Vegas, for all platforms," says Pete Hines, the company's head of marketing. "Announcements regarding the patches are forthcoming."

Stay tuned.