Minecraft Halloween Update Details Revealed

by Jeff Marchiafava on Oct 22, 2010 at 01:15 PM

Brace yourself for even more Minecraft hysteria, as Notch's upcoming Halloween Update is adding a whole new dimension to the popular game -- literally. Check out details on the new fiery dimension after the jump.

PC Gamer has posted a preview of the upcoming update, which includes some pictures of the new Ghast enemy type, a floating ghost that kind of looks like an octopus. The preview also reveals a couple of surprising details. To enter the new dimension, players make a frame out of obsidian and light the hole on fire. This will transport the player to the new world, where they will travel 16 times further than they do in the game's normal (and less dangerous) world. By traversing the underworld and creating a new exit portal, the fiery dimension can be used as a fast travel system.

PC Gamer also revealed that five of the six new block types will have some kind of new function, including the red rock seen above, which will burn forever when ignited. We also learned that the regular world will now generate different climate regions on the same map. Altogether it sounds like a pretty massive update, which should please fans of the game who have been upset at the lack of weekly updates recently.