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Every RPG Ever: The Flowchart

by Joe Juba on Oct 21, 2010 at 11:46 AM

Why do you have amnesia? Which party member will the bad guy kill? Is that stoic swordsman your father? You could play a bunch of 50-plus hour games to find the answers to these questions individually, or you can go through this handy flowchart. It's like playing every Japanese RPG ever made, but all at once.

Appearing in the latest issue of Game Informer, this flowchart gives you a chance to relive the most overused tricks and tropes of the role-playing genre. Since it took up two full magazine pages, the text is a little small for normal Internet viewing. However, you can use the link below to download a poster-sized version of the chart, then zoom in to your heart's content.

Right-click here and choose "save target as" to download and view the hi-res flowchart.

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