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NFL Player's First Trading Card Is World Of WarCraft

by Andrew Reiner on Oct 18, 2010 at 06:38 AM

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has shanked kicks in the NFL for six seasons. Vikings fans are well aware of who Kluwe is, and have not held back in voicing their opinions of him. One fan on twitter says "Kris (sic) Kluwe is an awful punter. I truly hate him. Words fail to express just how much I really hate this mother f----r." Another fan says "I could punt better than that inside the 50. Kluwe sucks."

Vikings fans say as much about Kluwe as they do Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre's penis. Oddly, as "popular" as he is, he has never been featured on an NFL trading card. Late last night, Kluwe revealed to his 1,000-plus twitter followers that his first trading card appearance comes courtesy of World of WarCraft. The card of note doesn't feature Kluwe, but his World of WarCraft character Loate Grimtusk. If you're itching to add Kluwe to your deck, you'll find this card in the Icecrown expansion.

If you google search Kluwe's card, you'll find it selling at various retailers for 25 cents.

[Disclosure: Chris Kluwe is the bass player in Andrew Reiner's band Tripping Icarus. He is also co-creator of "Project Grendel," another venture with Reiner.]