Watch Reiner And Phil Play Kirby's Epic Yarn

by Phil Kollar on Oct 17, 2010 at 09:20 AM

Today marks the release of Nintendo's latest Wii platformer, Kirby's Epic Yarn. You can check out our review right here, but if you actually want to see the game in action, we've got you covered. In this half-hour video, you can watch us play through several levels of the game in co-op and listen to our absurd conversation.

A couple of things to note before you jump in: This video was recorded in SD, so keep in mind that the game actually looks quite a bit crisper when your Wii is hooked up through HD cables. Also, later in the video when I keep accidentally pulling enemies apart instead of grabbing them, that's my dumb fault, not the game's. I forgot that you need to hold down the grab button to not totally destroy enemies.

Be prepared for a cuteness overload. Also for Reiner and I to tell you how good we are at games over and over, screwing something up immediately after we say it every time. WE'RE EXPERTS, PEOPLE.