This Dude Has A Higher Gamerscore Than Reiner, Jeff, And Dan Combined

by Phil Kollar on Oct 15, 2010 at 02:55 PM

It's no secret (and no surprise) that there are a few editors here at GI who are pretty into Microsoft's Achievement system. Dan Ryckert's Gamerscore is now over 98,000, Jeff Cork just hit the 100,000 mark, and executive editor Andrew Reiner is approaching an astounding 140,000 and loves it. But I found one gamer who puts all three of them to shame...and then some.

Xbox Live user Stallion83 currently holds the position of highest Gamerscore on all of Xbox Live. Today he posted a video celebrating reaching the 500,000 milestone. Bet your puny 100k celebration doesn't seem so special now, does it, Jeff?


As you can see in the video, Stallion83's last Achievement for 500,000 came from one of the Wallace & Grommit Xbox Live Arcade episodes. As of this posting, Stallion83 is now at 500,473, so he's still hard at work. You can continue following his quest for 1 million Gamerscore on his blog.

[via Kotaku]