The Official Resistance Series Timeline

by Bryan Vore on Oct 15, 2010 at 08:15 AM

Even the most hardcore Resistance fanboy will learn something from this series history straight from Insomniac Games.


June, 1908 - Tunguska Event: 2,150 square kilometers of forest are flattened in Siberia, Russia in a mysterious explosion. The resulting changes to atmospheric pressure register on barographs as far away as Iceland.


August, 1920 - Russian mineralogist Leonid Kulik leads a scientific expedition into the Tunguska incident. When his team loses contact with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the expedition is presumed lost to an early winter.

September, 1921 - In the face of European anti-imperialist propaganda and growing fear of infiltration, Russia closes communication with the outside world. A barbed-wire barrier is erected along the length of the Russian/European border. Over the next five years, the barrier is reinforced, eventually becoming solid concrete. When complete, the Russian Wall is longer than the Great Wall of China.

November, 1922 - Nathan Hale is born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

1927 - The Chimera have begun their attack on Russia. Dr. Fyodor Malikov creates an experimental vaccine which shows promise in creating a resistance to the Chimeran virus. Desperate to stem the Chimeran tide the Russian government orders all surviving soldiers to be vaccinated.

1928 - Most of the Russian soldiers who have received Malikov’s vaccine demonstrate a strong resistance to the Chimeran virus and are effective in fighting the Chimera. Yet some soldiers exhibit erratic and violent behavior. Some disappear from their posts.


September, 1930 - Almost 90% of the vaccinated Russian soldiers have gone AWOL. These soldiers have banded together into small groups and roam the Russian countryside preying on other humans, they are referred to as Cloven. They become as much of a threat as the Chimera.  Dr. Malikov works desperately to improve his vaccine but his efforts are hindered as he has to move from place to place to avoid the encroaching conflict.

May, 1934 - Several miners claim to have unearthed a portion of a buried metallic structure at the Big Scrape copper mine in Nevada, USA. The US government sends federal agents to investigate and interview the miners. Citing safety concerns, the US government seizes control of the mine site and set up a twelve mile military perimeter around the area. Most of the miners later denied the finding, claiming that it was merely a vein of iron ore.  The Department of War charters the Special Research Projects Agency (SRPA). Upon its inception, the SRPA has no mission statement or declared goals.

December, 1938 - Senator Robert Taft, a staunch isolationist, views the naval buildup as the first step towards international political involvement and foreign military endeavors. Taft makes it his personal mission to stop Roosevelt’s re-election. A lackluster public speaker, Taft is unable to inspire a following himself. He becomes a zealous kingmaker for a charismatic Junior Senator from Montana, Noah Grace.


November, 1940 - Noah Grace defeats Franklin D. Roosevelt by the narrowest margin of any Presidential election in US history.

December, 1941 - Fearing for his life, Dr. Malikov flees to England with his research.

February, 1947 - A man believed to be a Russian refugee appears at the British embassy in Estonia. The man’s hands are frozen completely solid around a leather satchel. The man, referred to as “The Runner”, dies en route to Britain. The satchel he carried is found to contain what is apparently a genetically modified human skull.

April, 1949 - King Edward VIII arrives in America on what is presented as a good will tour. In a closed meeting with President Noah Grace, the King presents documentation purporting the existence of a genetically modified Russian army dubbed “Chimera”. Knowing the American isolationist sentiment is against the United European Defense, he urges President Grace to help Europe combat the threat however he can.

May, 1949 - The Alliance for American Autonomy (AAA) is formed with the stated mission of keeping the US out of foreign wars. Their protests of Army recruitment offices and rallies soon draw thousands of participants.

May, 1949 - Hale graduates in the first class of the new Army Ranger Orientation Program. He’s assigned to the 1st Ranger Regiment.

December, 1949 - The Chimera break through points all along the Russian Wall and sweep into Europe. UED Russian invasion contingency plans implemented, but quickly prove inadequate. Fantastic speed and flawless coordination allows the Chimera to roll over static defenses, such as the Bratislava Line in Czechoslovakia.


March, 1950 - Continental Europe falls to the Chimera

December, 1950 - Nathan Hale's and Joseph Capelli’s Project Abraham live trials are successful. Hale is released to United States Army Rangers for clandestine observation.

January 11, 1951 - Joseph Capelli recruited into Sentinel Program at SRPA Station 003.

January 29, 1951 - Joseph Capelli cited for Conduct Unbecoming (struck Senior Officer Lt. Brown during training exercise). Suspended for two weeks.

March 9, 1951 - Joseph Capelli discovered in Warsaw conversion center by Bravo Team March 9, 1951. Sole survivor of Operation Bellerophon. How he survived for six weeks inside the conversion center has been omitted from the official record. His account is unverified.

July 11-14, 1951 - Resistance: Fall of Man. Nathan Hale destroys Chimeran tower in Battle of London

August 20, 1951 - Maine, parts of New Hampshire, Vermont and New York are hit by Spire attacks. President Grace declares the country's first Gray Zone and orders the territory sealed off.

October 14, 1951 - Spire attack claims Chicago and surrounding areas. Government troops seal off a 50 mile radius around the cities. Millions are abandoned to the Chimera as the nation's second Gray Zone is declared.

December 17, 1951 - The northern border of the Liberty Defense Perimeter becomes operational. Defense columns stretch from Ohio to southern Idaho.

April 11, 1952 - Nathan Hale awarded Silver Star for the successful retrieval of eighteen civilians stranded inside gray territory formerly known as Wisconsin.

July 24, 1952 - President Grace orders all remaining US citizens living in outer states to evacuate their homes and move within the Liberty Defense Perimeter, which is nearing completion. He commissions emergency construction of an additional 50 protection camps within the LDP.

August 14, 1952 - Liberty Defense Perimeter completed.

November 10, 1952 - Joseph Capelli demoted from Sergeant to Corporal November 10, 1952 and sentenced to three months inactive status.


February 12, 1953 - Joseph Capelli cited for Conduct Unbecoming. Attacked three physicians during routine checkup at SRPA Station 003 (SFCA). Attending physicians discover Joseph Capelli in a torpid state bleeding from apparently self-inflicted wounds. After violently attacking physicians, Capelli is subdued and then transferred to the G Level Holding Zone. Immediate psychological profile ordered. Status listed as "RED" until further notice.

May, 1953 - Resistance 2. Chimera invade America.  A massive Chimeran battleship attack devastates military installations on each coast. 60 percent of U.S. armed forces are killed within the first 72 hours of the assault.

June, 1953 - Daedalus activates all Chimeran towers and routes them to his ship over Chicxulub, Mexico. Nathan Hale kills Daedalus. Atomic bomb detonates, “kick starts” the tower network, surging all energy toward New York City. Wormhole opens over New York City. Joseph Capelli kills Nathan Hale. Malikov finds unique antigens in Hale’s blood that are the basis for a new vaccine against the Chimera virus.

July, 1953 - Capelli is dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Army.

November, 1953 - Capelli makes his way to Haven, Oklahoma, meets his wife Susan, gets married.

July, 1954 - Capelli and Susan give birth to a son, Jack.

August 9, 1957Resistance 3 begins.


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