Cut The Rope Sells One Million Copies In 10 Days

by Jeff Cork on Oct 15, 2010 at 03:53 AM

One of the more interesting things about mobile gaming is how title can pop up out of nowhere and become phenomenally successful within a matter of days. The combination of low pricing and word-of-mouth recommendations doesn't necessarily make every game a possible blockbuster, but they do contribute to a climate that's particularly friendly to breakthrough releases. The latest such game is Chillingo's iPad/iPhone/iPad touch game Cut the Rope, which recently hit a sales milestone in record time.

According to the publisher, Cut the Rope has sold one million copies worldwide after 10 days of launching. The $.99 game ($1.99 on iPad) is currently the top paid game in the U.S., France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden, Chillingo says.

"Cut the Rope's popularity has skyrocketed throughout recent days as fans eagerly share with others how addictive and fun the gameplay is on iOS devices," explains Chris Byatte, Director of Chillingo. "We are thrilled to see Om Nom's fame spread across the world and are collaborating with Developer, ZeptoLab to bring fresh new updates, which will be revealed soon."