Disney Confirms Armada Of The Damned Cancellation

by Jeff Marchiafava on Oct 14, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Disney's new Pirates of the Caribbean game, Armada of the Damned, was one of the most pleasant surprises of this year's E3. Today Disney revealed another surprise regarding the title, and it wasn't so pleasant: Armada of the Damned has been canceled.

In a statement to Gamepro, Disney confirmed the cancellation of the ambitious title and stated that Propaganda Games, the internal team developing the game, was being restructured. The announcement stated that Propaganda's work on TRON: Evolution is continuing as planned and that the game will feature post-release DLC. 

If you want to know what you'll be missing out on, check out our E3 impressions of Armada of the Damned. What kind of noise does a depressed pirate make? Because we would totally be making that noise right now.