historic distribution event

Pokémon Company Giving Away Mew In 'Historic Distribution Event'

by Jeff Cork on Oct 12, 2010 at 04:05 AM

Hyperbole has been a part of the Pokéverse since that magical world was first conceived. Even the series' battle cry is a bit of an overstatement; you don't really gotta catch 'em all, do you? With that in mind, put on your skeptic hat when you read about this next missive – no matter how cool it might be – from the Pokémon Company.

To celebrate the 10-year time span between when Pokémon Gold and Silver shipped, the Pokémon Company is giving away Mew, one of the rarest of Pokémon, for free via Wi-Fi. If you called this great news, you might be right, but you're also wrong. According to the press release, it's actually a "historic distribution event." Egad!

To cash in on this momentous occasion that will surely be talked about for generations upon generations, use the Mystery Gift option via HeartGold or SoulSilver's Wi-Fi connection service. You'll get a level five Mew inside a Cherish Ball (with a Premier Ribbon!!!), and a story to tell your grandchildren.