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The Resistance 3 Cover You've Never Seen

by Bryan Vore on Oct 11, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Take a look at alternate cover art for issue 211 and an early sketch of the final Resistance 3 cover design.

You may have heard the behind the scenes details about our BioShock Infinite covers, but every cover design goes through some degree of iteration. You probably recognize the first image below from this month's cover. You'll notice that St. Louis's Gateway Arch appears in the background. Those well-versed in history may wonder why the arch is there in 1957 when construction didn't start until 1963. To that we say, "Aliens didn't take over the world either." Besides, what other St. Louis iconic landmark can you think of?

The alternate cover below shows hero Joseph Capelli hiding out in a bombed out shelter as a squad of Chimera searches the area.

Game Informer editor-in-chief Andy McNamara explains why we went with the design we did:

"Both images paint an interesting look at Resistance 3, but it doesn't take an art critic to notice one of them features a giant looming Widowmaker chasing Capelli on a speeding train with Chimera waiting in the wings, and the other...well, doesn't.

Not only does the art have an easy focal point for the readers to pick up on, it tells a story in a simple snapshot. Yes, the alternate cover conveys how humans are the prey in Resistance 3's fight for the survival of the human race, but that story is not as easy to pick up in a quick glance. Plus, did I mention it doesn't have a giant Widowmaker on it?

Our only feedback to the developer in this case was to make sure that the light on the train didn't dominate the image or draw your eye over the Chimeras."

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