Free Resistance 3 Wallpapers For You

by Tim Turi on Oct 08, 2010 at 11:15 AM

A couple days ago we announced that that the cover story of the upcoming November issue of Game Informer is Resistance 3. Insomniac's third game in their FPS series features some remarkable visuals that really utilize the PS3's top notch hardware. We've captured the essence of those visuals to deliver another awesome cover, and we want to let you plaster it all over your electronic devices. Here is a custom wallpaper designed to fit your electronic device of choice.


PC/Mac/Droid Instructions
Left-click on the proper resolution (click here to find out your screen's rez if you don't know), right-click on the image that appears, and select "set as desktop background" from the menu options.

PS3 Instructions
1. Download an image and save it to your Desktop.
2. Plug in PMD (Portable Memory Device -Memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD card or USB Flashdrive) to your computer.
3. Transfer your image to anywhere on your PMD.
4. Unplug PMD from your computer. Plug it into your PS3.
5. On the PS3 XMB go to your Photo section.
6. Highlight (Hover over) the PMD and press [Triangle].
7. Select [Display All] from the options menu.
8. Locate the image. Press Triangle.
9. Select [Copy] from the action menu and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.
10. When viewing a photo, simply bring up the options screen by pressing the [Triangle] button and selecting "Set As Wallpaper" from the options displayed.

PSP Instructions
1. Download the image and save it to your PC/Mac Desktop or PS3.
2. Plug in your PSP to your computer or PS3.
3. Transfer the image to the "picture" folder.
4. Unplug the PSP and go to the Photo tab on the XMB.
5. Select "memory stick" and click on the image.
6. Press triangle to bring up options and select "view."
7. Hit triangle again and select "set as wallpaper."
8. When it asks if you want to save the image as wallpaper hit "yes."

Alternate PS3/PSP Instructions:
1. Open your PS3/PSP browser and come to this page.
2. Select what size you want then click. A window will open up with the image.
3. Move the arrow over pic and press the triangle button. A menu will open on right side.
4. Select file then save image. A screen will pop up that says "save to photos?" Select "okay" and it will download.
5. Exit browser, go to photos, and then go to the album that it's saved to. Bring up the pic.
6. Press triangle and select "set as background."

[Thanks to Game Informer reader Aramonde]

360 Instructions (Who cares if it's a Sony exclusive?)
1. Save the image to a USB Flashdrive like steps 1 through 3 above.
2. Unplug USB drive from your computer. Plug it into your 360.
3. Hit the guide button and go to the media blade. Select "Picture Library."
4. Select "Portable Device."
5. Navigate to the image and hit the Y button to "Apply as Background."

iPhone Instructions
1. Navigate to this page on the iPhone. Be sure you're viewing it in "Full Site" rather than the mobile edition.
2. Hit the iPhone rez link to bring up the image.
3. Hold your finger on the image to bring up a menu. Hit "Save Image."
4. Find the image in your photo gallery.
5. Hit the icon in the bottom left corner and select "Use as Wallpaper."



Dual Monitor

TV (PS3, 360)