PSP 2 To Launch By Holiday 2011?

by Tim Turi on Oct 07, 2010 at 07:45 AM

Rumors of the PSP 2 have been floating around all over the place ever since developers claimed dev kits for the alleged new system are out in the wild. Now two new hints of the second PlayStation Portable has surfaced. First is an anonymous quote alleging that it will be out by Christmas next year. The other clue is developer claims that Sony will discontinue selling original PSP dev kits, which could mean they’re making a push for PSP 2 game development.

“We’ve been told it’s coming in late 2011,” an anonymous source told VG247.

While shady, unnamed sources are mysterious and fun, we’ve got more info that holds a little more water.

"SCEE will no longer be selling PSP development tool (dtp-t200a) or testing tool (dtp-h2500a) past November15th,” read the notice issued to PSPgweber. “Please order in advance if you require these development units. We will advise you when a new model becomes available."

Sony responded to the notice, telling VG247 “"however, we will continue to provide loan stock for registered and new developers, until a new certified model is available."

Whenever it launches, Sony better announce their new handheld sometime before March, which is when Nintendo’s hotly anticipated 3DS releases. If Sony fails to officially reveal the system and its technical specifics before then, I fear on-the-go gamers will all flock toward the 3DS.

Via: 1up