Gamestop, Newegg Already Sold Out Of Kinect

by Matt Helgeson on Oct 07, 2010 at 02:17 PM

It looks like the demand for Microsoft's Kinect camera peripheral might be a bit higher than many have speculated. Retailer Gamestop (Game Informer's parent company) has a listing on its site indicating that it is sold out of Kinect units for preorder. Also sold out of Kinect preorders is the popular online technology retailer Newegg. Both companies still have the 4GB and 250GB console bundles, but that's not going to help existing Xbox owners who want to get their hands on Kinect.

One thing worth speculating about is whether these revelations indicate an extremely high demand or a lower-than-expected supply. Game Informer has spoken with several developers working on Kinect titles, many of which report that they have received as few as two units for use in their offices. Either way, looks like you better act fast if you want to get a Kinect at launch.

Source: Xbox 2 The Gamer