Toshiba TVs Produce 3DS Display With PS3’s Cell Processor

by Tim Turi on Oct 04, 2010 at 12:30 PM

One of the biggest arguments against the 3D revolution is that the glasses suck. Toshiba has heard your complaints, and the company is manufacturing a 3D HDTV that doesn’t require any eye wear.

These LCD televisions harness the Cell processor, the same brain as the PS3, to produce the same effect as the 3DS. Basically, if you sit in front of that TV within a 40 degree, filtered screens are angled at your left and right eye, which your mind registers as 3D. These pricey sets come in a 12-inch model for $1,440 and a 20-inch model for $2,880. One ambitious prototype even weighs in at an astounding 56 inches. The new sets will be out in December, just in time for you to ask Santa the impossible.

Similar to the 3DS, the display of Toshiba’s 3D TVs are reported to become blurry at an angle. Do you or those you watch TV with sit outside of a 40 degree radius when watching? Do you think it would be a problem?

Source: NY Times