Sucker Punch: Xbox 360 Too Wimpy To Handle Infamous 2

by Bryan Vore on Oct 04, 2010 at 07:30 AM

Sucker Punch designer Darren Bridges questioned the 360's capability to run Infamous 2 in a recent interview. And this is on top of a statement that the game is using only half of the PlayStation 3's power.

Speaking with CVG, Bridges talked candidly about his thoughts on various consoles' processing speeds.  "For Infamous 1 we were only using 20/25 percent of the power, now we're hovering over 50/60 percent of the power," Bridges said. "When we say it probably couldn't be done on the other console, we're talking strictly horsepower...Maybe it can be, but we just don't feel like the other console has the horsepower to carry this off."

When asked if half of the PlayStation 3's power was still too much for the 360 to handle, Bridges replied,"Well, yeah. Yeah. I mean we're still a way away from launching so we're probably going to throw more stuff on that Cell processor."

Check out more juicy quotes over at CVG in which Bridges compares the graphics of Infamous 2 to Uncharted 2.