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Fez Dev Sends Up A Signal Flare, Game Coming In 2011

by Jeff Cork on Oct 03, 2010 at 02:53 AM

We'll give you a pass if the name Fez doesn't ring any bells. Chances are you've heard of the game, but you've probably just forgotten about it over the years. It's been shown at indie roundups at trade shows for several years now, and as the Escapist points out, the game's developer says that it's been in the works in various states since 1996. (Insert Duke Nukem Forever joke here: ________ )

At any rate, Polytron Corporation, the studio behind the game, has posted a new trailer for it. (Look down a bit.) It shows off the game's gimmick, which has hero Gomez navigating fully 3D environments on shifting 2D planes. You should just watch the video. It's just as cool looking as it was, say, three years ago, which is really saying something. It's still due out for a "20XX" release, according to the site, but the Escapist says the hope is that it'll be out the door and on Xbox Live Arcade in time for its 15th anniversary. (That would be 2011, if you want to get all technical about it.)