Myst Movie In The Works

by Matt Helgeson on Sep 30, 2010 at 02:56 PM

While it's certainly not the most obvious game series to be adapted to film being as the main characters are largely building and weird puzzles, the classic PC franchise Myst is heading for the big screen. Variety is reporting that Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions, in partnership with Mysteria Film Group, have obtained the series' film rights from the game developer Cyan Worlds. Apparently the storyline of the film will be adapted from a trilogy of Myst novels that Cyan Worlds published around the time of Myst sequel Riven. The novels dealt with a civilization called the D'ni and a woman who had accidentally entered their society.

"Our aim with this project is to stretch the genres it operates within, much like the source material did," said producer Adrian Vanderbosch. "It is such an innovative property and the best service we can do to it is to maintain that spirit. By utilizing the novels as our primary source, we have the opportunity to offer audiences the essence of Myst without being limited only to the famous island of the first game."