Kenny Powers Makes His iPhone Debut With Home Run Fiesta

by Dan Ryckert on Sep 29, 2010 at 12:30 PM

If you don't watch Eastbound & Down, you should. It's amazing. Kenny Powers' career is one of legend, and now he has his own iPhone game to go along with all of his fame, fortune, and women. The free download is called Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico.

It was announced on his Twitter page with the following message: "Pull out your Steve Jobs iS**t device & get the game of the ****ing century - "KP's Home Run Fiesta!"

Following with the storyline of the newly-started second season, Kenny finds himself pitching down in Mexico. You play as the batter, and it operates on Home Run Derby rules as you try to get a hold of KP's fastballs. You'll get a taunt to distract Kenny during every stage, such as a donkey painted like a zebra or a couple of young ladies that try to lure the pitcher to their hotel room. Get enough home runs and you'll unlock Eastbound & Down content on your phone.

Don't expect an amazing gameplay experience here, but you are getting a free 16-bit Kenny Powers on your iPhone. That's reward enough if you ask me.