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Reader Discussion: War Of The Words

by Joe Juba on Sep 27, 2010 at 12:24 PM

Today has been an interesting one for a few major players in the gaming industry. From Bobby Kotick's inflammatory remarks to the responses from EA and Tim Schafer, we've seen some aggressive statements and posturing. Is this appropriate public behavior?

In a time when most companies refuse to even call others by name (usually just referring to them as "our competitors"), this kind of candor isn't often seen. It may be sensational, but it also makes people pay attention; so much of what executives say feels rehearsed, so seeing this kind of off-the-script discourse is always interesting...for better or worse.

As a gamer, how do you feel about these prominent figures (and representatives of the gaming industry) calling each other out? Is this kind of honesty refreshing? Or does it just make everyone look like schoolchildren tossing insults around on the playground?

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