Last Guardian Not A Pet Game, Will Feature Simpler Controls

by Annette Gonzalez on Sep 27, 2010 at 08:15 AM

We first caught wind of Fumito Ueda and Team Ico's The Last Guardian last year. While we did receive a few vague hints of what to expect from Sony's Team Ico presentation at TGS, there's still plenty for us to learn. In an interview with Sony's PlayStation Blog, however, Ueda did reveal a few rare tidbits.

Co-dependency between the boy and the bird-cat hybrid Trico is a huge element of gameplay, and Ueda emphasizes that the animal is by no means simply a virtual pet. "It's not a pet game, but there is a live animal in the game," Ueda says. "I would describe it as an adventure game that you play with this animal." With the help of the Trico (who may  not be the only large creature you'll encounter), Ueda says the boy needs to escape "the location you see in the [TGS] trailer." The duo will work in conjunction to defeat enemies along the way. When speaking on the enemies featured in The Last Guardian, Ueda explains that they are "not fully acting on their own intentions."

Further in the interview, Ueda hopes the adorable Trico will help The Last Guardian appeal to a bigger audience than its predecessors Ico and Shadow of the Colossus did. "Because we're using the theme of an animal for The Last Guardian, I also want people who are not serious game players to try out this game," Ueda says. To further implement accessibility, the game will feature a simpler control scheme as well.

The Last Guardian is slated for release holiday 2011, so we suspect we won't hear much more until the team irons out gameplay details now that Ueda says the team is in full production crunch mode. Check out the full TGS trailer here.