Hideo Kojima Explains What A "Hideo Kojima Game" Is

by Dan Ryckert on Sep 27, 2010 at 07:20 AM

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has worked on many projects in the last few decades, but only a select few have been billed as "A Hideo Kojima game." He recently elaborated on this notion on his Twitter page.

"'A Hideo Kojima Game' is something that I started. That kind of saying doesn't exist. Lately there have been imitators, but being the one person responsible for planning, game design, writing, producing and directing all alone, that phrase reflects everything that I do. [It] doesn't belong on something [I] merely produced," said Kojima.

That's why you won't see the phrase appearing before Castlevania: Lords of Shadow when it releases next week. While he worked in a limited role on the title, it isn't his creation. In regards to one of his own creations, he had the following to say:

"Metal Gear Solid is something that I gave birth to, but it is not my property. So long as the fans are there, MGS will be made in some form or another."

Whether or not the Metal Gear Solid series goes forward as a "Hideo Kojima game" or simply under the mantle of "Kojima Productions," it looks like it will live on in one form or another. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is a major departure for the series, and we haven't seen the "Hideo Kojima game" label anywhere near it. We may never see another "Hideo Kojima" MGS game, but then again, he's notorious for returning to the director's chair after previously saying he wouldn't.

Source: 1up