Are The Zerg Underpowered In Starcraft II? Blizzard Responds

by Dan Ryckert on Sep 26, 2010 at 01:09 PM


If you take a look at the North American leaderboards for Starcraft II, you'll notice that few Zerg players have cracked the top 200. This has led to some members of the Blizzard community complaining about the Zerg being underpowered. Is this something that the developer plans on altering? Lead producer Chris Sigaty responds in a recent interview with PC Gamer.

“You can go up and read on the forums at any one time and there are a bunch of different theories about balance and imbalance. We’re being very cautious about making large swinging changes right now because at the highest level things are actually very strong. The things that we’ll probably be addressing are the 2v2 and larger scale games. Ultimately, the 1 to 1 is what we want to keep as sacred as possible, but as a result right now there are some things that we need to address in the 2v2 at the higher level. We’ll be looking at ways to do that without affecting the 1v1 balance," said Sigaty.

It sounds like Zerg balancing issues aren't the first priority for Blizzard right now. But how does he feel about the race, personally? "I avoid playing Zerg as much as possible because I find them to be just more complex in general. Zerg, or rather larvae management is harder for me to deal with, so I don’t enjoy playing them as much," said the producer.

As for the argument regarding the leaderboards, he chalks it up to there simply being fewer Zerg players overall.