Gallery Of Hot Cars You'll Destroy In NFS Hot Pursuit

by Annette Gonzalez on Sep 24, 2010 at 03:00 AM

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is under development by Criterion Games, the team behind the awesome Burnout series. With a background in Burnout, you already know there will be plenty of car crushing action at breakneck speeds as cops and racers try to run each other off the road.

During EA's Tokyo Showcase event at TGS, I got a quick demo of Hot Pursuit that showed off some of the game's social networking features. I saw the Need for Speed Autolog that allows you to connect with friends online by uploading photos, catching up with a news feed similar to what appears on Facebook, and more that keeps you on top of friends' performances on the tracks. This can in turn encourage smack talking and competition, which is all part of the fun. I also got a chance to speed along a couple tracks as a cop trying to run a sports car off the road. A few road blocks and strategically placed tire spikes did the trick. Destroying another vehicle never felt so good.

Check out the gallery below showcasing the gorgeous cars in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit that you'll have the pleasure of smashing in to when the game releases in November.