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Pre-Order Your Plush Moogle Now!

by Andrew Reiner on Sep 23, 2010 at 08:30 AM

I just learned that Moogle (or Moguri) is a combination of the Japanese words for mole and bat. Now that I know this, I will never look these characters the same way again. Sure, I'll continue to question what function the ball-shaped antenna serves, but from now on, I'll just know that a mole and a bat made love to create one of gaming's most adorable creatures.

With that nugget of information forever cemented in your brain, you may not be interested in Jbox's plush Moogle any longer. For that I apologize. If you already knew this, or the revelation doesn't bother you, feel free to order your own Moogle right here. Jbox hopes to have this cuddle buddy in your hands by December 10. The asking price of $28 is a bargain.