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What's Your Favorite Game That's Not A Video Game?

by Matt Miller on Sep 22, 2010 at 11:41 AM

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We all love video games. But what about the rest of the sporting and gaming world? We want to know what games draw you in when you're not holding a controller.

Are you a huge follower of sports? Basketball, football, soccer, hockey? If so, do you play or watch?

Do you play endless hours of card games? Are you a traditionalist, sitting around the poker and blackjack table, or a collector, shaping your Magic and Pokemon decks?

Perhaps board games are your thing. Do you play the family favorites, like Monopoly and Battleship? Or are you into more complicated fare, like Arkham Horror and Dominion?

Maybe you're a devoted tabletop role-player, with regularly scheduled Dungeons & Dragons sessions, or a strategy gamer with a full set of Warhammer 40K minis?

Or are you a traditionalist? Do Chess and Go sit out on your table, ready for your next foolish challenger?

Alternately, do you only have eyes for the video gaming world? Do all other games and sports pale in comparison?

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