Hydro Thunder: Hurricane DLC Coming Soon

by Matt Miller on Sep 22, 2010 at 07:55 AM

New tracks and boats are on the way to the popular XBLA racing game; the Tempest Pack will arrive in October.

Developer Vector Unit revealed the new expansion on their website. While the new pack will introduce several new Expert-level boats and new skins for existing boats, the most exciting additions are the new racing courses.

"The new environments are all about ratcheting up the level of insanity,” says Creative Director Matt Small. “The weather is stormier, the waves are bigger, and the levels are packed with more interactive obstacles and more potential for chaos and destruction. That’s what puts the tempest in Tempest Pack.”

The first new track soars through the volcanic ruins of Atlantis. A second course sends racers off into the Bermuda Triangle. A third level is set in a medieval-style fortress called Castle Von Boom, an environment filled with exploding barrels and other obstacles.

You had us at volcanic Atlantis, Vector Unit.