The Incursion Begins For EVE Online

by Matthew Kato on Sep 22, 2010 at 04:32 AM

Eve Online developer CCP has announced the 14th free expansion to the MMO, subtitled Incursion, which is due out sometime in November.

Incursion is based around the invading Sansha's Nation, with pilots tasked to band together to bring it down, and many of the additions were suggested by the player-elected representatives of Eve's Council of Stellar Management. Improvements include better AI, an updated character creator, simplified planetary interaction, new forums for Eve Gate, new story events, ships, and more.

"Incursion marks a point where our PVE experience moves towards the co-operative roots of Eve and the largest introduction of our Carbon Technology platform to date," says senior producer Arnar Gylfason. "Never before have so many players and developers contributed to Eve's living universe."