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David Jaffe Tees-off On Video Game Journalists

by Matthew Kato on Sep 19, 2010 at 08:42 AM

Developer David Jaffe has never been short of opinions, and as a game developer, his personality has definitely helped make the Twisted Metal series what it is today. So it's no surprise that in the latest entry in his blog, Jaffe says that it's his prerogative to make the games that he wants whether we like it or not.

In particular, Jaffe takes issue with journalists who criticize developers for making supposedly shallow action games that don't deal with issues or aren't pushing some kind of envelope as if the game makers are lazy, superficial, or stupid themselves.

"I'm really tired of journalists writing pieces about what they feel is lacking in games – be it deeper artistic sensibilities, deeper stories, meaningful mature views of the world, or more realistic portrayals of women – and framing the opinion as if it's a foregone conclusion that what they are asking for simply needs to happen and it's our lack of maturity as developers or our lack of ability or our fear of a lack of sales that are the things that prevent their desires from coming true."

Moreover, he wants journalists to back up the clamoring for games with things like deeper characters, more emotional investment, and handling mature themes, with concrete examples of how to make such difficult things possible.

"And if you really want to write about this topic in a fresh, meaningful way – and since some of you are so clear on the fact that if we were just more grown up as developers we could be making video game versions of Citizen Kane (don't f------ get me started), how about an article explaining exactly what you mean? Be specific."

Jaffe says that he likes these kinds of arty games as much as the next guy, but that we shouldn't look down on games – or the developers – who don't give us different kinds of experiences.

Check it out here.

BTW, personally as a game journalist, I love Jaffe's take and couldn't agree more.