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GT5: Polyphony Talks New Cars, Gran Turismo Anywhere Browser Service

by Annette Gonzalez on Sep 16, 2010 at 02:00 PM


During a Gran Turismo 5 presentation with Polyphony Digital at Tokyo Game Show this week, the team provided some new details on the long-awaited PS3 racing title including new cars, community functionality, Gran Turismo Anywhere service, special event races, the game’s dynamic weather system, and more.

Laguna Seca and Trial Mountain have been remastered for the PS3. You can also race on Sarthe Lamonte race track that the team promises will make you feel like you’re racing on the real thing.

Volkswagen Kubelwagen – Designed by Ferdinand Porche with a drive system similar to the first beetle
Volkswagen Schwimmwagen – Amphibious vehicle also designed by Porche
Volkswagen Samba Bus – A sweet ride giving a nod to the hippie culture of the 70s
Isuzu 4200r – Concept car announced at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show. Mid shift vehicle built by today’s top designers who now work at Nissan, GM, Volvo
GT by Citroen – Citroen designed the exterior, Polyphony designed the interior

My Home, Gran Turismo Anywhere
Home base in the Gran Turismo main menu, My Home, allows you to manage messages, gameplay logs, get together and race with friends using My Lounge, keep track of your photo album, check out gifts, and more. The communication features available in My Home can also be accessed from your web browser. Check your messages, play log, check out photo albums online all via You can log in using your PSN ID. The website will launch on November 2 when the game is released.

Another interesting feature of Gran Turismo Anywhere is the ability to engage in remote races from your web browser. GT5 has B-Spec mode, or director mode for racing, which you can access on your web browser and play with friends. Check out positions of your racers, their times on each section, and other updates going on during live races. The folks at Polyphony say they recognize the browser game industry and console games are completely different things, but the team hopes to bridge the two with this feature.

Special Events
A special events menu is shown during the presentation featuring Gran Turismo Kart Racing, AMG Driving School, Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, Sebastian Loeb Challenge on dirt tracks, Gran Turismo Rally, and more. The team goes into more detail regarding Gran Turismo Rally. Tracks are randomly generated each time you enter a race.

Dynamic Weather System
The game’s dynamic weather system simulates weather changes in real time. You’ll be able to see changes in pressure and humidity, and surface conditions like raindrops and frost on windshields. This feature may appear in custom tracks.