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My Garden Coming To 3DS

by Andrew Reiner on Sep 15, 2010 at 01:22 AM

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If rumors of Nintendo 3DS' release coming as soon as this November are true, we should be seeing plenty of games in 3D over the next few days at Tokyo Game Show, which kicked off today. True enough, Electronic Arts debuted a new 3DS game called My Garden during its press conference. As the name of the game implies, players will be able to create their very own gardens in 3D.

Your landscape can consist of hundreds of different flower and plant varieties. By snapping photographs of your creations, you can unlock additional rare items and flowers for your garden. If you look closely at the picture above, you'll see a strange, hat-wearing badger tucked behind the flowers. That's Tanuki, your guide and helper. As the game progresses, you can unlock over 20 abilities for Tanuki. I'm sure one of them is "act cute." Other than the 3D display, My Garden uses the microphone in a unique way. If you whistle in it (and for that matter can whistle), you'll attract birds. And if you don't want them there any more, just shake the 3DS to knock them out of your garden.

No release date has been given as of yet.