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Stan Lee Joins The First Amendment Fight

by Matthew Kato on Sep 14, 2010 at 05:04 AM

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The Entertainment Software Association (the industry trade organization) has announced that its free Video Game Voters Network political action group (seeking to defend video games from censorship via the First Amendment) has signed on over 250,000 gamers to its cause. To celebrate, it's also enlisted comic icon Stan Lee to draft a statement urging gamers to join the Network.

“Nobody thinks that every game is appropriate for every gamer. It’s important that elected officials know that the existing computer and video game rating system and parental controls available on every console help ensure that the games children enjoy are parent-approved. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission says that the video game rating system is the best there is. That alone should address the critics’ concerns. I remember a time when the government was trying to do to comic books what some politicians now want to do with video games: censor them and prohibit their sales. It was a bad idea half a century ago and it’s just as bad an idea now. And you can do something about it,” said Stan Lee. “I’m writing to urge gamers everywhere to take a stand and defend both the First Amendment and the rights of computer and video game artists by joining the Video Game Voters Network.”

Ironically, in an interview in our new issue (#210, BioShock Infinite), Stan Lee admits he's not a gamer at all. Still, his parallel with comic books is an apt one, and should hopefully spur you to action.

Also, take a look at what's at stake in Miller's excellent "Enemy of the State" article on page 19 of the #210 issue, as well as these recent developments.

For more on the Video Game Voters Network, check out its website.