Survey: 34% Of Social Game Players Buy In

by Adam Biessener on Sep 12, 2010 at 06:04 AM

It may not be in a direct purchase of Facebook tokens or other in-game currency, but a third of social gamers interact with sponsors in some way according to a survey by Lightspeed Research. Clicking on ads, signing up for newsletters, taking surveys -- all of these have tangible marketing value. Companies are getting creative in monetizing their "free" games, and it's paying huge dividends.

The extensive survey has a lot more data for the curious as well, including:

  • 17% of social gamers consider themselves "addicted"
  • 24% play several times per day
  • 68% play for fun (what in the world are the other 32% doing? Good grief)
  • 14% have directly paid cash for in-game rewards -- and men are twice as likely to do so as women
  • More 55-64 year olds play daily (27%) than 18-34 year olds (24%)

The methodology of the survey, as well as the precise definition Lightspeed used for "social games," are not included in the public release.

Where do you fit into these numbers? 

[via Kotaku]